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4 Jul 17 - July's editions of the 'Trade Journal' and RNA's Semaphore Circular are now available for download. Log on to see.

4 Jul 17 - Various retail offers for July have been uploaded. Log on to see.

4 Jul 17 - The WRNS 100 celebrations take place this summer. A notice of interest has the official flyer for this event. Log on to access.

16 Jun 17 - An organisation called 'The Ripple Pond', A self-help support network for the family members of physically or emotionally injured service personnel and veterans, produces a newsletter that will now be available to us. To view our first edition, log on and go to 'Notices of Interest'.

15 Jun 17 - I have created a new page to display all the 'Special Offers' we now receive as part of the CONA. Called 'RNCA retail benefits' it will separate out shopping opportunities from more civilian life notices. All current 'Special Offers' have been transferred to the new page.

15 Jun 17 - Jun offers from Defence Discount Service, Navy Books and Pen & Sword are now available as RNCA retail benefits. Log on to access.

15 Jun 17 - New Notice of Interest regarding the annual 'Combined Services church service' taking part in July. Log on to get more details.

15 Jun 17 - June's edition of 'Ton Talk' is now available to download. Log on to access.

15 Jun 17 - New Naval Humour article, a 'Plymouth Ode to a Run Ashore'. 

07 Jun 17 - The Derbyshire Deeps magazine has been re-branded as 'The Trade Journal' (submariners call the submariner's service 'The Trade', apparently). Anyway, June's edition is available for download. Log on to get to it, there's a really good article about the state pension that is applicable to some of us.

04 Jun 17 - June offers from the Defence Discount Service and Navy Books are now in Notices of Interest. Log on to see both.

04 Jun 17 - Latest offers from the bookstore 'Pen and Sword' is now available as a Notice of Interest. Log on to see.

04 Jun 17 - Details of the 13th and final 'Blue Plaque' unveiling are in a Notice of Interest. If you intend to go, please make sure all details are passed to the organiser A.S.A.P. via the email address contained in the article. Log on to access.

25 May 17 - Website issue is now resolved and normal service resumed.

25 May 17 - I am aware of a technical issue with one of the gallery pages, 2017 AGM Hull, on the Chrome browser. Other browsers are unaffected. Unfortunately I am not in a position to fix this until later today, so apologies for this.

08 May 17 - Photographs from the AGM taken by Tansy Lee are now available as a 'pdf' file for downloading. Log on and click on 'Downloads: RNCA & RN current affairs' on the left hand menu. The file is labelled '2017 Mar AGM photos'.

30 Apr 17 - The latest membership list has now been uploaded. Please check it out and if any of your details are not correct, can you inform the membership sec at membership.sec@rnca.info . Thanks

30 Apr 17 - A few more photographs have been unearthed that have no info on them. They are located in the gallery 'Unknown photos, help needed'.

30 Apr 17 - New Notice of Interest from Sarah giving details of CONA's latest offers on new and used cars. Log on to access.

30 Apr 17 - New blog from Mike Crowe giving his monthly update on all the RN reunions happening this year. Also attached is a newsletter full of letters from 'Old Salts' either telling dits or asking 'where are they now' type questions. Log on to read!

30 Apr 17 - The personal email dist was completed late 28 Apr. If you were expecting a copy of the 'Communicator' magazine and haven't received it, email me with your membership number and I will update the database/forward you a copy.

28 Apr 17 - The spring edition of 'The Communicator' is now available to download in the 'Downloads: RNCA Communicator Magazine' page. Log on to access. 

24 Apr 17 - New Notice of Interests for Postscript Bookshop's offers for April and Navy Books offers for May

24 Apr 17 - New Notice of Interest regarding the non-profit organisation  Veterans Bereavement Support Services who provide free help and advice after the loss of a loved one. Log on to access

24 Apr 17 - Latest offers from 'Pen and Sword' and 'Defence Discount Service' uploaded as 'Notices of Interest'. Log on to see.

24 Apr 17 - May's edition of Derbyshire Deeps is now ready for collection in the downloads page. Log on to access.

24 Apr 17 - Check out this Naval website, 'Save the Royal Navy'. Makes for interesting reading. Find it at http://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/

20 Apr 17 - The final 52 photos are now online!

20 Apr 17 - The first batch of 15 photos taken by our official photographer desig Tansy Lee at the weekend of the AGM have now been published. More to follow. 

08 Apr 17 - A new Notice of Interest gives details on the forthcoming event in November 2018 entitled 'A Guide To Taking Part in 'Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute' & WWI Beacons of Light 11th November 2018. This plan will evolve over the period of time between now and then every 3 month. Log on to check it out.

07 Apr 17 - Veterans UK administers the armed forces pension schemes and compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service. They want to know how well , or not, they are doing and have commissioned a survey for our opinions. You will find a link in the new blog that explains more. Log on to access.

06 Apr 17 - New Notice of Interest from Terry Hall regarding the old £5 note. Log on for more information.

06 Apr 17 - Latest offers from 'Navy Books' are listed on a new Notice of Interest. Log on for more information

06 Apr 17 - A new Notice of Interest gives an article written by the new  chairman of Cobseo, John McColl. This gives an insight into the current state of affairs of all military charities and is worth a read. Log on to see.

06 Apr 17 - The Spring edition of the 'Communicator' magazine is now being compiled. If anyone has articles/dits/jokes/photos (you get the idea), can you please forward them by 21st April to the editor (via commseditor@rnca.info).

06 Apr 17 - The minutes from the AGM conducted in Hull March 11th are now available for download form the 'Downloads: RNCA & RN current affairs' page. Log on to view.

06 Apr 17 - TV PROGRAMME ALERT! There is a new series featuring HMS Ocean, every Monday, Channel 4 at 2000.

05 Apr 17 - AGM 2018 BUXTON. Details of the hotel, facilities and activities for the weekend 9th - 11th March 2018 are now available in the events section (Log on, then left hand menu, about half way down!).

05 Apr 17 - COBSEO has published a 'situations vacant' newsletter. Log on to download. 

05 Apr 17 - March's COBSEO newsletter available for download.

05 Apr 17 - April's Derbyshire Deeps available for download.

05 Apr 17 - New Naval Interest article showing an obituary of 'Jenny' of HKs side party. Log on to see.

05 Apr 17 - April's edition of the RNA magazine 'Semaphore Circular' is now available for download. Log on to access.

05 Apr 17 - New Notice of Interest from 'Pen and Sword' - March new releases.

04 Apr 17 - New blog giving all RN reunions for 2017. Log on to access.

04 Apr 17 - New blog regarding Type 42 Reunion, Portsmouth July 2017. Log on to read more.

04 Apr 17 - Final batch from Edwin Pelligrini uploaded to the AGM gallery.

01 Apr 17 - Third batch done.....

31 Mar 17 - Second batch done....

29 Mar 17 - First batch of photos from the AGM have now been uploaded. Many..many more to come.

13 Mar 17 - And the winner is...... Buxton!

04 Mar 17 - Latest Navy Books offers for March are detailed in a new 'Notice of Interest'. Log on for more details.

04 Mar 17 - New blog from Kiwi ex L/Signalman (1965-1975) visiting soon wanting to know good runs ashore near Heathrow/Gatwick/or wherever. Contact details are on the blog. Log on to see.

02 Feb 17 - The RNA Portsmouth branch have offered 'Open House' on Fridays to all ex RN personnel, including wives/partners/oppos. A notice of interest gives full details. Log on to access.

17 Jan 17 - New Blog regarding 'Poppies Coming Home to Derby Jun 2017'. Log on for more information.

11 Jan 17 - New Blog looking for veterans who served on the last HMS Queen Elizsabeth to take part in the first entry into Portsmouth for the new vessel of the same name. Log on for more details.

11 Jan 17 - New Blog regarding trawling for participants in ITV's show 'This Time Next Year'. Log on to see. All contact details are contained in the blog.

19 Dec 16 - New blog asking for answers to comms queries from the people resoring the Lascaris war rooms and the TV company making Netflix's The Crown. Log on to see and maybe answer directly to Clive Kidd.

15 Dec 16 - Can all members check their email addresses against those given on this website (by logging on, clicking 'members' on the top menu, and then 'update your information). If they need updating, please do so. Currently there are 6 so far that are no longer valid. I would email them to let them know......................

15 Dec 16 - I have been checking and updating our bulk email service used for distributing the RNCA Communicator magazine. If any members receive a rejoining reminder from 'Mailchimp', can they please respond to be added to the list. 

07 Dec 16 - A new newsletter has been added to the 'rack' available to download. It is the 'Confederation of Naval Charities' news bulletin to keep you up to date with what's being done for veterans. You will find it with all the other publications in the RNCA & RN Current affairs page. Log on to access.

17 Aug 16 - New Notice of Interest about a New Aged Veterans Counselling Service. This service offers free counselling to any UK veteran born before 1st January 1950. Log on to find out more.

17 Aug 16 - Information about a 'Breakfast Club' for Pompey ratings is now available in a Notice of Interest. Interestingly you can find if your location has a breakfast club for veterans. Just use your postcode on the home page. Log on for more information.

17 Jun 16 - New Notice of Interest. Update to the RN Veterans 'deployment' on HMS Marco Polo departing Liverpool 291900a Sep 17 bound for Dublin and Cork. Book now for as little as £199 per person. Log on for more information.

24 Mar 16 - New Notice of Interest regarding Holiday facilities for ex military personnel in Lagos, Portugal. Nick Bird has stayed here and is mightily impressed. The article has been updated with current information and is worth checking out for your next holiday in Portugal. Log on for all the details.

17 Feb 16 - A committee nomination form has been produced for use when existing Committee members are due for re-election. This is in the form of a Word document template link and is located in the 'Committee' page (when logged in, 3rd top tab from the left!). To use, download, open the file, complete the relevant sections and save. You then email, or post the form to the Secretary to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the AGM. As a reminder, the Nominee, Proposer and Seconder must attend the AGM for the voting to take place.

05 Nov 15 - A reminder of photos taken in 2010 of HMS Mercury before it was demolished

05 Nov 15 - Follow the links for photographs taken in 2013 of HMS Ganges

20 Oct 15 - A large library of original 'Communicator' magazines from 1952 to 1974 has been made available to us courtesy of Joe Kirk, the webmaster of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society. The link is here and also copied in the 'links' page.

09 Mar 15 - We now hold the copyright to a video of the history of HMS Mercury produced c1993. It is fascinating viewing and certainly brings back some memories. To view, log on, go to Comms History and then scroll down to the 'HISTORY OF HMS MERCURY' article.

17 Jul 14 - The history of HMS Mercury written by the late Chris Rickard and published on the RNCCA Website in March 2006 is now available in the Comms History section. This is a comprehensive and informative document written by a true and loyal bunting. Our thanks go to George Foster and the committee at the RNCCA. The RNCA acknowledges and thanks the RNCCA for their permission to publish this important piece.