Crossed the Bar

Crossed the Bar - Ex CRS Ray Jones Mem 883

Submitted by Sam MacFarlane via RNCA Facebook 24 Aug 16
Sadly I have just been told that one of our members, Ray Jones, ex CRS, crossed the bar recently after a short illness. A few of us knew Ray from HMS Forth back in 1967 and I worked with him at Northwood commcen in 84/85. It was a pleasure to work (and play) with you. The funeral will be on   1 Sep 16 at Cottingley crematorium (Post code LS11 0EU) time not known. I am assuming any members wishing to pay their respects will be welcome.Our condolences go to his family at this difficult time. Calm Seas my friend. Rest in Peace.

Crossed the Bar - Ex CY Dave (Tommo) Thompson

Passed on by Nobby Hall from Derbyshire Deeps.

Tommo was a Yeoman bunting on leaving the RN, he also served down the Falklands. He also was a member of the Nottingham RNR for several years after leaving the RN. He also attended many of the Gib '78 reunions. Tommo will be missed so very much. RIP Tommo

Crossed the Bar - Ex LRO(G) Yorky Grahame Mem 377

From: Eileen Grahame 

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 5:50 PM


Subject: Wayne Kevin Grahame


I just wanted to let you know that my husband Wayne Grahame passed away on 21st Dec 2015. He had a medical condition called Multiple System Atrophy which affected his speech and mobility and muscle control. He passed away peacefully and is now at rest but was taken too soon at age 55. He was very proud to have been in the Royal Navy. He was known as Yorkie to his mates in the Navy. I know that he always paid his subscription but all accounts have now been frozen. I’m afraid i do not have a reference number for his account but i’m sure he would want you to know that he has passed away.



Eileen Grahame

Crossed the bar - Ex CY Peter Richard Apps

Peter Richard Apps passed away on Boxing Day 2015 in Narbonne, France.
He joined the RN as a Boy Entrant in the 1950's and served through to the 1960's.
I think his Service Number is :- C/JX 912317 and his Rank LTO.        D of B - 03 JUL 37
(I think he said he finished as a Yeoman of the Signals)
His list of ships and stations he served on is:-
I don't know if you publish a memorial notice or anything but the family would be grateful 
If you can. He may have been a member at one time - but I don't know.
He is survived by his wife Carole, Children, Grand-Children.
Any members, people who served with him who want to make contact etc, can do so
through me.
Kind regards
Bill Apps
Mr William Apps
FRANCE.               Tel:  +33 4 68 721 206

Remember - A poem by Gus Gallagher


On the 11th  of November we stand with pride

To honour those who fought and died

For those who answered  country’s call

To rise, advance and then to fall.

Think well of those who are long gone

On Paschendale, Vimy Ridge, the  Somme

Without whose fight we could not say 

The words we use so free today

So on this day let us remember

On the 11th of November

Those that in the time of strife

Gave their all for our  way of life

                                                                                                        Gus Gallagher

                                                                                                         October 2014

Crossed The Bar - David Hamilton CT1

Submitted by Miller Telfer 9 May 15.
Got this sent to me by Dolly Gray Ex RS was the RS on the Endurance during the Falkland Conflict.
He thinks he may have been a Bunting or Sparker in his early days not sure if he we as ever a Mermber.
David Hamilton, D052325E,  CT1
Joined Aug ,59,  Left Aug '86.   Crossed the Bar, Apr 2015
Ships.. Collingwood,  Mercury, Teaser(Osprey), Lion, Hampshire, Agincourt, Raf Tangmere, Endurane (Falklands Conflict / BEM).  On retirement,  GCHQ Cheltenham.
 Dour Scot,  Black hair, usually with full set !
 Funeral.. Tue 14th 1240 @ Filey (N. Yorks)
He would appreciate any contact with Radio Hams
Best Regards

Crossed the Bar - Henry Smyth/Service Number D068983A

Submitted by Carl Beeson 7 Jan 15.

Sad to report that Henry Smyth (D068983A) who retired in June 1984, final ship being HMS Niaid, crossed the bar on 21st December. He also served on HMS Sheffield during the Falklands Conflict. His Funeral was held at Worcester Cemetery on 19th January at 1215 

Crossed The Bar - CCY (TCI) Brian "Sandy" Nabbs

Submitted by Graham Lloyd

Sad to have to report that former CCY(TCI) Brian "Sandy" Nabbs passed away peacefully at Ipswich Hospital 2 November 2014. Funeral 1415 Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at Ipswich Crematorium (IP4 2TQ) followed by wake at the Royal George (IP4 4SR) just along the road from the Crematorium. Sandy was my CY in Achilles 1st Commission 1970-1972. RIP Shipmate. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend.

Crossed The Bar - Ex LRO(T) Alan Hunt (Peewee)

Submitted by Carl Beeson 30 Sep 14.

Sorry to report that Peewee Hunt, formally of Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire, has crossed the bar on or about 24th September. May he encounter only fair winds and calm seas.

Crossed the Bar - Ex CY John Allison

Submitted by Pete Fairchild via phone and Carl via email.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the Assoc. that our Oppo John Allison crossed the bar on Wednesday 20th November. John and his wife Joan have been members of the Association
since the inception meeting held in the Royal Fleet Club in Devonport 21 years ago, John’s membership number 052 reflects his long membership and commitment to the Assoc. Our thoughts go out to his wife Joan.
May you sail calm waters John.

John's funeral is on Friday 13th December at 1400 at Porchester Crematorium and then afterwards at The Ship on the hard. Please let Joan know 02392602343 so that she can give Matthew (landlord) a rough idea of numbers. Obviously the weather will play a part on the day. It is so long as there is to be a post mortem. Ollie Butler is going to put the details on the RNCCA website so that they will know.

Joan would prefer donations to Help The Heroes. However if anyone wishes to send flowers she in her words "will not be insulted or annoyed". If flowers are sent, send them to the funeral directors address - Ruby Funerals, 2 Stoke Parade, Stoke Road, Gosport, PO12 1QE.