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17 Oct 20 - Geoff has received a further update from the British Legion regarding this year's Remembrance Service. Log on and click on 'events' for more information.

02 Oct 20 - To all members of the RNCA, a
message from the Chairman,

"With a heavy heart and after
much discussion, it has been decided that in the current circumstances the RNCA
will graciously withdraw our contingent from the Remembrance Sunday proceedings
at the Cenotaph. The Royal British Legion have been informed of this decision
and I hope you will understand and support this.

 With the cancellation of the Lord
Mayor's show, followed by the Festival of Remembrance not allowing an audience,
it is clearly the right thing to do. Additionally, for info, The Admiralty has
already cancelled our booking for the after parade small libations.

 On this day, the 11th day of the
11th month, our friends/colleagues/shipmates, especially those having crossed
the bar, will be foremost in our thoughts, and in that moment of Remembrance I
encourage the membership to lay a wreath at your local war memorial on behalf
of the RNCA in memory of all Communicators lost in conflict, still on patrol,
who have no grave but the sea. God Bless them all.

 I wish you all the best in these
hard times, take care, Yours Aye.


 P.S. If anyone would like a pdf copy
of the RNCA wreath insert please let me know."

 18 Aug 20 - An update to the Cenotaph gathering is available on the Events page. Log on for more information 

13 Aug 20 - The Summer edition of the 'Communicator' magazine is now available for download. If your email address details are correct, you will receive it automatically in your in-box. If you don't automatically receive it, please email me with your latest email address to websiteman@rnca.info . Thank you.

07 Aug 20 - Latest Trade Journal and Semaphore Circle now available for download. Log on to see.

13 Jul 20 - Latest Rewards For Forces and Defence Discount Service offers for 13 Jul available to view. Log on to access.

04 Jul 20 - Drupal Core engine updated to v7.72.

03 Jul 20 - The 'Notices of Interest' section has been given a 'huck out'. All articles still published are up to date and checked for validity.

03 Jul 20 - In response to a request made in the A.G.M. this year, the annual RNCA AGM Minutes and Financial Reports from 2015 to 2020 are available to view in the member's area. If there is a desire for more historical years to be uploaded, please email the webmaster. Log on to access.

01 Jul 20 - Latest edition of the RNA's Semaphore Circle  and the Trade Journal are now available for download.

10 Jun 20 - The site has been modified to only allow access to the https:// (secure) version of the site. If I have done it right, it won't matter what you put in the address bar (for either rnca.org.uk or rnca.info), you will be automatically re-directed to https://rnca.org.uk or https://rnca.info. This means more security all the time. If, for any reason, the site mis-behaves in any way for members, can you let me know!

25 May 20 - New blog showing how morse is being kept alive and kicking onboard HMS Belfast by one of our members. Log on to access the blog and  view the video.

05 May 20 - New  blog regarding RNA bereavement update.

05 May 20 - New Event scheduled, Remembrance March past, Cenotaph, Whitehall. Please let Geoff know if you are thinking of attending. Details in the Events section.

29 Apr 20 - A.G.M. Southsea 2021. Further details including a booking form that can be printed, completed and posted to the hotel are now available in the events section. Log on to access.

22 Apr 20 - Details of the A.G.M. for 2021, to be held in Southsea, are now available in the Events page. Log on to access.

13 Apr 20 - New Blog from CONA regarding surviving social isolation in these difficult times. It gives details of a number to call (for members of CONA) for help and advice. Also attached to the blog is a document from the RNA giving good advice for all of us. I recommend you take a minute to read/print.

13 Apr 20 - Message from Carl reads..... Does anybody have any information on the "Royal Naval Signal Officer Association"? I have had an enquiry from a Lt. Cdr. whose father in law a Lt. Cdr. Bryan has crossed the  bar and he wants to let the Assoc. know of this event. I've Googled the name but to know avail. Any info. would be appreciated. All replies to secretary@rnca.info please.

16 Mar 20 And the winner is... Southsea! 

27 Feb 20 - New website link for Veteran's Health, concerning substance abuse resources for veterans with this useful guide.

17 Jun 19 - June's edition of the RNA Semaphore Circular is now available for download. Attention is drawn to article 12 ref NHS priority treatment. Log on to access from the downloads section.

08 Aug 18 - New Notice of Interest regarding the free service provided by SAIL (Seafarers Advice and Information Line) which could be described as the Naval Veterans Citizens Advice. Log on to access.

01 Feb 18 - Members can now re-new their membership via the Slops Store if they wish to pay by PayPal. Just choose 'Membership Renewal' and add to the cart.

26 Oct 17 - A new Notice of Interest concerning the seAp Advocacy service and what it can provide in the way of help for ex-service personnel. Log on to access.

05 Nov 15 - A reminder of photos taken in 2010 of HMS Mercury before it was demolished

05 Nov 15 - Follow the links for photographs taken in 2013 of HMS Ganges

20 Oct 15 - A large library of original 'Communicator' magazines from 1952 to 1974 has been made available to us courtesy of Joe Kirk, the webmaster of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society. The link is here and also copied in the 'links' page.

09 Mar 15 - We now hold the copyright to a video of the history of HMS Mercury produced c1993. It is fascinating viewing and certainly brings back some memories. To view, log on, go to Comms History and then scroll down to the 'HISTORY OF HMS MERCURY' article.

17 Jul 14 - The history of HMS Mercury written by the late Chris Rickard and published on the RNCCA Website in March 2006 is now available in the Comms History section. This is a comprehensive and informative document written by a true and loyal bunting. Our thanks go to George Foster and the committee at the RNCCA. The RNCA acknowledges and thanks the RNCCA for their permission to publish this important piece.